Who is Alexandriah Stahr?

Alexandriah Stahr is the conscious channel for the Christed Energies within the Chemtrail Protection Star Team Program. Alexandriah Stahr is the Ashtar Command Energy Research Scientist, Energy Channel, Energy Healer and creator of the Chemtrail Protection Star Team Program.

Alexandriah Stahr is and has been a conscious channel for Ashtar Command Healing Energies, Modalities and Spiritual Development Technologies for over 30 years.  Alexandriah Stahr has over 30 years of experience in the Energy Healing and Spiritual Development Field where she has developed her own healing modalities in a variety of areas.

Alexandriah’s main work is Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing which removes layers of Karmic Limitations as well as MATRIX Programming from her clients who are in her Monthly Spiritual Development Program called the Monthly Star Team Program. All Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Technology Rev. Alexandriah Stahr offers her clients come from the Ashtar Command Star Team Masters.  

After 3 years of offering the Chemtrail Protection Star Team only to her Monthly Star Team Members, Alexandriah was told it was time to offer the Chemtrail Protection Star Team to a wider audience. This came about as Alexandriah witnessed people and their families in her own Arizona neighborhood suffering and spending thousands of dollars a year to treat the symptoms and effects of Chemtrail Poisoning for themselves and their families.

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