The following testimonial is for the Allergy Protection Star Team which is now included in the Chemtrail Protection Star Team. 

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7.11.15 Allergy Protection Star Team Gets Results

Yesterday, my thoughts drifted towards my eight year old daughter and the fact that she didn’t struggle with allergies this Spring. Then, I remembered that Alexandriah Stahr placed her in the Allergy Star Team at the beginning of the year.  I am astonished with the results!

The past two years, my daughter would get allergy symptoms every Spring with nonstop sneezing, sniffly nose and watery eyes.  I used natural herbal remedies such as Nettles to get a little bit of relief but it was temporary and she was miserable.  Being that I don’t suffer from allergies, I never noticed how many people around me who were struggling with allergies and overtime pollen or whatever else blew in their lives were put on hold as they became physically ill.  They fill themselves with temporary remedies like Claritin, Allergy Shots, and whatever else just to get relief.

I definitely didn’t want allergies to be a lifelong struggle for my daughter and fortunately I and my daughter are part of the Star Team and there are spiritual tools and technologies to help us.

Alexandriah put my daughter in the Allergies Star Team in January 2016. Spring came and went with Hallie improving so much it was as if she never had allergies. The entire Spring season she did not have a single allergy attack.  It was as simple as that.

When I witness true physical healing I am reminded of how effective these spiritual tools and technologies truly are.  Life is hard but when you have the help of Alexandriah Stahr, Lord Sananda, and the Solar Star Command you are reminded of how things here on planet Earth truly work and there is help available.

Conscious Participator - Texas