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9.29.16 Feedback on various Star Team Programs including the Chemtrail Protection Star Team

Star Team helps my 9 year old with physical pain

Two days ago, my right hand began to experience pain that came on suddenly and without physical cause.  I asked Alexandriah Stahr if anything was going on with planetary clearings that could be related to the pain. There wasn’t, but she sent me a clearing and my hand is already feeling better.  This reminded me that I have never written about my summer with my daughter and what a huge help Alexandriah Stahr was and continues to be for me and my family.

My oldest daughter is age 9, part of the Main Star Team Program and is of Christed Soul Origin. She’s an old soul in a little person’s body and is not dramatic when it comes to pain.

Physical Issue #1

The Right Foot:  My 9 year old started experiencing pain in her foot.  At first we attributed it to growing pains. I iced it, applied heat, gave pain meds, applied essential oils.  I tried everything. Over time, the pain became worse where she wouldn’t even put pressure on it.  While we were on vacation, we had to purchase crutches because she was crawling everywhere.  When we came home, we had x-rays done which did not show any fractures and the doctors said it was a sprain. Thus, I treated it just like a sprain with a splint, etc.  However, her pain got worse and weeks and weeks passed.

Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t go to Alexandriah Stahr first, to see what was going on.  Finally, after being exhausted with treating her and so sad with how much pain she was in, I talked to Alexandriah about our situation.  Turns out, My daughter had a past life which showed up where her feet were bound like they used to do in Japan. Alexandriah removed that lifetime and also removed something called a Mechanical MATRIX. That week we also had an appointment at an ankle specialist and of course nothing showed up in the x-ray.  I knew after Alexandriah sent the clearing that her symptoms would go away and after a couple of days…it did! It was as simple as that. My main issue is to remember to ask Alexandriah first whenever sudden symptoms show up… so that spiritual cause can be eliminated before going to the doctor and incurring unnecessary medical bills.

Physical Issue #2

The Stomach & The Kidneys: As soon as her foot healed, she started complaining about stomach pain every time she ate.  I started examining her diet for gluten allergies, dairy allergies, etc. but it didn’t seem to matter what she ate.  She wouldn’t eat, was tired, and just wasn’t herself.  I learned from my mistake and asked Alexandriah to check it out and there was another past life where she was tortured and starved to death.  She reclaimed that past life and she started to eat again but then she started having sharp pains in her stomach which once again got progressively worse.  It was awful.  She cried and cried and was in so much pain.

I had to contact Alexandriah again to see what was going on after a night in the hospital where they thought she was going to have to have her appendix removed.  Alexandriah was on vacation but graciously talked to me and said not to have any surgery until she was able to see what was going on.  The doctors said it was actually her kidney not her appendix.  The kidneys were swollen and the cause of her intense pain.  We needed to see a urologist.

At this point, my daughter has been crying every day (for most of the day) due to pain for over a month whether it was ankle, stomach, and now kidney.  Nothing was showing up and my husband was beginning to think it was all in her head and we had some mental issues to deal with because physically the doctors couldn’t find anything.  Intuitively I KNEW something else was going on and just because it’s not a physical issue doesn’t mean it’s not excruciating pain.

Alexandriah checked her out etherically and there were clamps placed on her kidneys which she said would cause the swelling in her kidneys. Alexandriah Stahr removed the clamps.  The next day we were at a pediatric specialists and her kidneys were not swollen anymore in the x-rays.  She still went through with more testing but I knew she would be fine and she was for the pain stopped.

There was a also another type of Mechanical MATRIX, which seems to be a level of clearing we are all going through at this time. Within a couple of days of Alexandriah removing the latest MATRIXES, she was ok again.

Physical Issue #3: The Eyes

As soon as her kidney issues were better,  she started complaining about her eyes.  She was having trouble seeing and kept seeing spots.  I took her to an eye doctor and her vision came back perfect.  Alexandriah linked her up to the Chem Trail Protection Star Team which deals with respiratory issues, eye issues and digestive issues to name a few. Again within a day or 2 she was back to her happy self again.

Physical Issue #4: Seeing Spirits

Last issue!  A few weeks ago, my daughter started seeing shadow figures in her room and refused to sleep in her room saying she felt there were ghosts.  We did clearing prayers together but she still wouldn’t sleep in her room.  During one of our sessions, I asked Alexandriah Stahr about this.  It turns out that my daughter had the MATRIX programming to be a “Medium” so she was beginning to see entities.  After talking with Alexandriah and her explaining that there is no need for communication with the dead, that instead, we need to communicate with the higher Christed Realms, I asked Alexandriah to remove that MATRIX program.  By the next day she was feeling better and was able to sleep again in her own bedroom.  She told me her room felt normal again.  This is my child who says Star Team protection prayers every night on her own so I knew if she felt something then it wasn’t in her head.

WHEW!!!  Just writing about all of this was a lot.  It was traumatic for all of us.  My husband thought my daughter was a headcase and of course I cannot explain to him about these spiritual causes because that is not his way.  I am so grateful that Alexandriah is such a resource for me to deal with all types of daily living issues in a safe and healthy way rather than a medical way. I have learned that there is always a spiritual cause behind all life issues. I just need to remember that and to check in with Alexandriah first before dealing with it on the physical level. Fortunately as a member of the Main Monthly Star Team, Alexandriah Stahr is just an email or phone call away.  I also learned that children are much more sensitive to spiritual issues and that by going through these issues with her, I have learned a lot more about the processes that Alexandriah Stahr uses.  Thank you Alexandriah,  I can’t even begin to think about what we would have done without you. Now we are back to rollerskating and enjoying life!  

Conscious Participator - Texas